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Our most popular specialty item! Layers of puff pastry and custard are slathered with white and chocolate fondant. A lovely treat after dinner, or a sweet start to the day! It’s always a good time for a slice! Available as classic or vegan.


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Gateau St. Honore

Named after the patron saint of baking, this puff pastry creation is filled with rum custard, peaches, and our homemade whipped cream, and then ringed with caramelized cream puffs.


Combine your favourite cheesecake with your favourite toppings!
Choose from: Chocolate, New York or Pumpkin (seasonal) cheesecake
and top with: homemeade cherry topping, pecans and caramel, fresh whipped cream, or strawberries (seasonal)

Paris Brest.jpg

Paris Brest

This traditional French pastry starts with a choux paste ring, filled with vanilla custard, peaches and chocolate whipped cream, and is topped with grilled nuts and cherries. A true taste of Paris!




This dazzling dessert balances rings of custard puffs in a tower constructed with caramelized sugar. This dramatic French pastry is perfect for occasions where you want something with big impact; it's a true show-stopper!

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