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Some of our best-selling vegan treats!

Don't see what you're looking for? Call and ask if we can make it as a special order!

Chocolate cake and Oreo icing topped with...well, Oreos.
We pack a ton of strawberries into this cake, and slather it all over chocolate cake.
This banana cake topped with peanut butter icing is sure to have you all shook up. You won't be able to help falling in love with it. It's a hunka hunka burning love...
This cake is full of apple juice and warm spices, and topped with cinnamon icing.
A vanilla cake and creamy orange icing that tastes just like this nostalgic summer treat.
Chocolate cake and coffee icing. The grown-up way to have dessert.
Lemon cake filled and topped with lemon icing.
Literally what the doctor ordered.
Topped with crunchy walnut streussel.
$4 each, or $20/half-dozen
This bar is packed with oats and dates; perfect for breakfast or with tea.
$3 each, or $15/half-dozen
A twist on Matrimonial Cake; we've replaced the dates with raspberry jam!
$3 each, or $15/half-dozen
Just look for the green cherries!
$1 each, or $5/half-dozen
$1,50 each, or $7.50 each
Because there is nothing aqua faba can't do!
Pricing by design. Call for a quote!
Sugar cookies stuffed with jam, and dusted with icing sugar.
$3 each, or $15/half-dozen
Like a personal apple pie!
$4 each, or $20/half-dozen
Homemade puff pastry wrapped around cinnamon sugar.
$1 each, or $5/half-dozen
Homemade puff pastry wrapped around raspberry jam and topped with toasted almond.
$1.50 each, or $7.50/half-dozen
Or "palm leaves" if you prefer.
$1 each, or $5/half-dozen
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